Thawing of the Arctic

These days we are living the first wave of heat that hits Europe and in which according to the experts, could reach more than 40 ° C from Spain to Switzerland.

Science has been warning for years that climate change will make heat waves increasingly severe, arrive earlier, last longer and affect more places if we do not reduce CO2 emissions (which, however, do nothing but increase). ).

The United Nations group of experts on climate change warns that exceeding the 1.5ºC threshold of global warming will be more dangerous than previously thought. The next 10 years are decisive to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and hundreds of millions of people suffer from waves of extreme weather like this one frequently.

A week ago, when it had not even started the summer, this image of Greenland was viralized putting in the spotlight the thaw of the Arctic, which reached its historic peak for a month of June since they have records and that can only mean One thing: climate crisis.

The rise in temperatures comes at a decisive moment to sharpen the political and business class: they have to carry out urgent changes and approve ambitious measures necessary to curb this climate crisis.

While we live this heat wave, the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior travels the coasts of Europe to ask for actions against climate change, accelerate the ecological transition and a change of energy model. Since Greenpeace’s climate change campaign, they are working to ask the governments to end the use of coal and the sale of diesel and gasoline cars in the next decade and ensure that a 100% renewable electric system is reached in 2030.

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