With recycling is not enough

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Nobody escapes the serious situation of pollution that has led to the use and abuse of plastic on a planetary scale. This week, the first human being to submerge in the Mariana Trench, more than 10 km deep in the Pacific Ocean, discovered plastic remains in that place. The situation is so worrisome that geologists […]

War against single-use cups

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Every day half a million disposable cups for coffee end up in the garbage, only in the United Kingdom. Although there is no concrete data for Spain, and it is true that the tradition of coffee to go is less risky, it is undoubtedly a matter to be considered after the campaign to eradicate plastic […]

Thawing of the Arctic


These days we are living the first wave of heat that hits Europe and in which according to the experts, could reach more than 40 ° C from Spain to Switzerland. Science has been warning for years that climate change will make heat waves increasingly severe, arrive earlier, last longer and affect more places if […]